Snapshot: Lifestyle Solutions

Lifestyle Solutions designs and builds a new home

Lifestyle Solutions has designed and built a new and tailored supportive environment for four young men who have high-level autism.

Lifestyle Solutions was established in 2001 to provide individualised support for people living with disability. It has grown to become one of the key innovators in community services in Australia, providing a diverse range of supports to more than 1,200 people living with disability, as well as providing residential care and foster care to young people in out-of-home care.


’We could have gone through our usual bank, but we felt that the opportunity with SEFA better matched our values and what we’re trying to do with this particular house.’

David Hogg, Managing Director, Lifestyle Solutions

Using a SEFA loan of $1.2million, Lifestyle Solutions was able to design and build a purpose-built home for four young men who have high-level autism. They have been living together for ten years, but as they grew their needs changed considerably in terms of how they relate to each other and the kind of support they needed. Support work within rental properties usually means less space for each individual, and more difficulty providing extra support such as a sensory room which uses occupational therapy tools like light, movement, and touch to create a calming experience for people with autism, and is often helpful for those who are non-verbal.

The families of the men, their carers, and a developer were all involved in the design concept. The result is that each young man has his own bedroom, ensuite and living area. Shared spaces facilitate them spending time together when they want to, and a carer’s unit allows a support worker to be there for more than a day at a time. The house has been purpose-built around the individual needs of the young men, so there can be consistency of care, which helps with their autism and some of their behaviour.

With the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Lifestyle Solutions believes its sector’s next big hurdle will be to provide appropriate and affordable housing for people with disabilities. Lifestyle Solutions has two other purpose-built homes and hopes to provide more.

What SEFA says

Lifestyle Solutions knew what it wanted and we were able to provide advice on strategy. We’re pleased to be part of this pioneering organisation’s future.


You can download the case study here.

Lifestyle Solutions is committed to supporting people in creating sustainable lifestyle solutions



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