SEFA shares finance insight with community recyclers

Recycling ticks a lot of environmental boxes. But it can also tick the social ones. It provides meaningful employment for people who are facing significant barriers to employment in the open labour market. Repairing and upcycling stimulates creativity and comes with huge savings for the community and government. Yet access to finance in the sector can be hard to find. SEFA spoke with industry experts at a national event to shed some light on our view.

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Insight and new ideas were pitched during Community Recycling Network Australia’s annual national forum. The event, organized by the network of recycling enterprises, brought together an interesting mix of business, purpose and creativity. It was an opportunity for participants to hear the latest from Community Recycling specialists, to learn about the opportunities and challenges faced by the sector, and to become inspired to grow social enterprises.

SEFA Relationship Manager Dick Boddeüs spoke at the event, providing an overview of funding opportunities. He told participants that social enterprises have several options when considering how to fund their projects, but that they often struggle to access traditional business funding sources such as investment capital and bank loans. During the interactive session, Dick explored the different ways that community recycling enterprises can access opportunities for financial growth and development.

Boddeüs believes that Community Recyclers and SEFA share similar goals of stimulating social enterprises and strengthening communities through recycling. SEFA was funded with a $10m government grant, and expects the money to be fully disbursed before the end of this financial year across several different organisations. SEFA clients have either a social or environmental impact, and when the loans have been repaid, the money can be recycled by on lending to other social enterprises, growing the impact of organisations we support.

The event participants also shared thoughts on recycling entire houses, making money from house hold appliances that are no longer in use, and funding social enterprises through recycling. It was an opportunity to learn and collaborate to build effective, innovative enterprises.

Find out more on the Community Recycling Network Australia website.




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