Investing with us

Some frequently asked questions and answers about investing with SEFA

How long has SEFA been operating?

SEFA was established in mid-2011.

Is SEFA listed?

SEFA is an Australian public unlisted company limited by shareholding.

How is SEFA structured?

SEFA is a combination of three entities: 1) Social Enterprise Finance Australia Ltd, (SEFA Ltd) is a public company limited by shareholding; 2) Stichting Triodos, which holds a single ‘golden’ share in SEFA Ltd; and 3) SEFA Investments Ltd. The SEFA Loan Fund is a unit trust. The trustee of the SEFA Loan Fund is SEFA Ltd. The beneficiary and unit holder of the loan fund is SEFA Investments Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEFA Ltd. For tax purposes SEFA is a single entity.

How is SEFA governed?

The SEFA Board comprises seven directors all of whom have substantial experience both in finance and social enterprises in Australia and internationally. SEFA Ltd is the corporate trustee for the SEFA Loan Fund thus the same Board also fulfills the role of trustee for the SEFA Loan Fund. The Board has delegated powers to a Credit Committee, Audit and Risk Committee and a board nomination and Remuneration Committee. These committees also have the benefit of specialist advisors.

How does SEFA make financial returns?

SEFA loans are structured such that the interest rate margin provides sufficient income to cover SEFA costs and to provide adequate profit. The profit is used for reinvestment in the business and to supply a financial return to the equity investors.

When is SEFA’s latest annual report available and how do I get a copy?

SEFA’s annual reports are issued within five months of the financial year-end, which is 30 June each year. For a copy of our latest report contact David Rickards via email at or call 02 8199 3360.

How is the balance sheet structured?

As at 30 June 2014, the SEFA balance sheet is composed of assets of approximately $20 million, liabilities of approximately $18 million and equity of approximately $2 million.

Who are the equity investors in SEFA?

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council, Triodos Bank NV, the Netherlands, Community Sector Bank and a number of private investors have provided equity.

How is the Australian Government involved?

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) made a grant of $10million in mid-2011 through the SEDIF Program to the SEFA Loan Fund. SEFA has entered into a funding agreement with DEEWR that governs the operation of the grant.

How is Triodos Bank involved?

Triodos Bank is a shareholder in SEFA and is not an associate. Triodos has assisted with the establishment of SEFA and continues to support the development of SEFA. However, Triodos is not a financial sponsor and has no involvement in the day to day running of SEFA or the finances of SEFA.